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Where can you practise your language skills?


So, you've always wanted to integrate with the local community on your overseas postings or holidays but your confidence in your school French, German, Spanish, Italian, English, etc. is not quite adequate. How do you resolve this problem? Well, many of you will enrol in language classes and that is great. However, you may then find that you are in a large class and that the amount of practical conversational work involved is not enough to satisfy you.


That is where a language club can provide a very useful opportunity to use a foreign language in informal surroundings, perhaps as an extension of the learning environment. The Cercle Polyglotte de Waterloo is just such a club. For a modest annual subscription, it is ideal for people who are keen to practise and improve one or more of their foreign languages.


In practical terms, club members join a language table for discussions on virtually any subject in the designated language of that table. Fluent speakers will correct any errors but it is necessary to have a basic knowledge of the language before you join because no lessons are given.


Meetings take place every Tuesday evening and the club is always pleased to welcome new members. Several nationalities are represented and the languages available are dependent on the members who participate each week.


If you are interested, just come along any Tuesday evening after 8:00pm to the spacious foyer of the Tennis Club de Waterloo (behind the Ibis Hotel).

If you would like more details, please call the Secretary, Stéphane Lommaert on 0474 64 43 51 (evenings) or send an e-mail to s.lommaert@skynet.be.

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